Roland Culver

from London, England

Artwork for ThunderballImage of Roland Culver


Roland Culver was born on August 21, 1900 in London, England as Roland Joseph Culver. He was an actor, known for Thunderball (1965), Dead of Night (1945) and The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943). He was married to Nan Hopkins and Daphne Rye. He died on March 1, 1984 in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England.


1982Aged 82

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    Bishop of Paris

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    General Wetherby

  • Poster for The Missionary

    Lord Fermleigh

1981Aged 81

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    William Ewart Gladstone

1980Aged 80

1978Aged 78

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    Robert Keith

1977Aged 77

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    Wallace (segment "London 1912")

1975Aged 75

1973Aged 73

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    Lord Barham

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1972Aged 72

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1970Aged 70

1969Aged 69

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1966Aged 66

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    Doctor Mathieson

1965Aged 65

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    Foreign Secretary

1964Aged 64

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1963Aged 63

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    Lord Upshott

1962Aged 62

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    Sir John Pilbright

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1958Aged 58

1957Aged 57

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    Dr. Francis Pelham

  • Light Fingers

    Humphrey Levenham

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    Detective Inspector Dane

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1956Aged 56

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1955Aged 55

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    Colonel Geoffrey Weston

1954Aged 54

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1953Aged 53

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1952Aged 52

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    Lord B.

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    George Prout

1951Aged 51

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    Inspector Martin

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    George Ramsay

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    Maj. Bill Randall

1950Aged 50

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    Mr. Ashenden

1949Aged 49

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    Grand Duke Maximillian

1948Aged 48

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1947Aged 47

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1946Aged 46

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1945Aged 45

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    Eliot Foley (Segment "Linking Story")

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1944Aged 44

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1943Aged 43

1942Aged 42

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1941Aged 41

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1940Aged 40

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    Cmdr. Bill Rogers

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    Police Inspector (Uncredited)

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1939Aged 39

1937Aged 37

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    BBC Audition

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    Paul Duval

1936Aged 36

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    Soap salesman

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    Henry Capelle

1934Aged 34

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1933Aged 33

1932Aged 32

1931Aged 31

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