Tim DeZarn

71, from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Artwork for Spider-ManImage of Tim DeZarn


Timothy Joseph DeZarn (born July 11, 1952 in Cincinnati, Ohio) is an American actor who has appeared in film and television. Alternately credited as deZarn, he is often cast in supporting roles in the horror, crime, and science fiction genres.

De Zarn's motion picture credits include Spider-Man (playing Mary Jane Watson's father), Fight Club, Live Free or Die Hard, The Cabin in the Woods, Untraceable, and Demon Knight.

De Zarn has appeared in several American television series, including Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, NYPD Blue, the various Star Trek TV franchises, Prime Suspect, Mad Men, The Forgotten, Lost, Criminal Minds, Weeds, Prison Break, Deadwood, The Shield, Cold Case, Quantum Leap, and 7th Heaven, and Sons of Anarchy. ...

Source: Article "Tim de Zarn" from Wikipedia in english, licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.


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