Clare Carey

57, from Rhodesia

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Clare Carey (born June 11, 1967) is a film and television actress and producer.


2016Aged 49

  • Poster for Savannah Sunrise

    Angie Miles

2012Aged 45

  • Poster for True Love


2011Aged 44

  • Poster for Rock the House


2010Aged 43

  • Poster for Unrequited

    Ruth Jacobs

  • Poster for The Trial

    Dr. Anna Wilkes

2009Aged 42

  • Poster for Doc West

    Denise Stark

  • Poster for Doc West II

    Denise Stark

2008Aged 41

  • Poster for Flu Bird Horror

    Dr. Jacqueline Hale

2007Aged 40

  • Poster for La Cucina


2006Aged 39

  • Poster for Submission


  • Poster for Smokin' Aces


2003Aged 36

  • Poster for 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out

    Frank's Wife

2002Aged 35

  • Poster for Home Alone 4

    Kate McCallister

2001Aged 34

  • Poster for Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles


1997Aged 30

  • Poster for Echo

    Tess Lewis

1996Aged 29

  • Poster for Them

    Kelly Black

1995Aged 28

  • Poster for Betrayed: A Story of Three Women

    Dana Bixler

1992Aged 25

  • Poster for Obsessed

    Andie Bledsoe

1988Aged 21

  • Poster for Waxwork


  • Poster for Uninvited


  • Poster for Once Upon a Texas Train

    Meg Boley

1987Aged 20

  • Poster for Zombie High

    Mary Beth