Tom Conti

82, from Paisley, Scotland, UK

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Tom Conti (born 22 November 1941) is a Scottish actor, theatre director and novelist.


2023Aged 82

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    Albert Einstein

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2022Aged 81

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2018Aged 77

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2017Aged 76

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2013Aged 72

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    Self (archive footage)

2012Aged 71

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    Manu, Eva's uncle

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2011Aged 70

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2010Aged 69

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2001Aged 60

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1999Aged 58

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1998Aged 57

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1997Aged 56

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1995Aged 54

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1991Aged 50

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1990Aged 49

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1989Aged 48

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1988Aged 47

1987Aged 46

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1986Aged 45

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1985Aged 44

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    Lawrence (archive footage)

1984Aged 43

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    Prince Richard

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    Alan McMann

1983Aged 42

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1982Aged 41

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1980Aged 39

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1978Aged 37

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1977Aged 36

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1976Aged 35

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1975Aged 34