Ako Mayama

65, from Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Artwork for Case Closed: The Time Bombed SkyscraperImage of Ako Mayama


Ako Mayama (born as Yasuyo Kawando) is a voice actress currently affiliated with Kenyu Office, and previously affiliated with Baobab Production.

Her former stage name was Rin Mizuhara, which she stopped using in 2003.


2018Aged 60

  • Poster for Shimajirou the Movie: Great Adventure on Magic Island


2017Aged 59

  • Poster for The Bears' School: Patisserie Jackie and the Sweet of the Sun


2015Aged 57

  • Poster for Chibi Maruko-chan: The Boy from Italy

    Satoshi Sugiyama (voice)

2014Aged 56

  • Poster for One Piece

    Elder Nyon (voice)

2013Aged 55

  • Poster for Hal

    Tsukiko (voice)

2012Aged 54

  • Poster for The Mystical Laws

    Conservative Politician (voice)

2010Aged 52

  • Poster for One Piece: Strong World Episode 0

    Kokoro (voice)

2009Aged 51

  • Poster for The Rebirth of Buddha

    Shaman (voice)

2006Aged 48

  • Poster for The Cake Tree in the Ruins

    German Shop Owner (voice)

2002Aged 44

  • Poster for The Boy and the Sea Turtle

    Tetsuo's Aunt (voice)

1999Aged 41

  • Poster for City Hunter Special: The Death of Vicious Criminal Saeba Ryo

    Sento Grandma (voice)

1997Aged 39

  • Poster for Eternal Family

    A-ko (voice)

  • Poster for Case Closed: The Time Bombed Skyscraper

    Boy / Old Lady (voice)

  • Poster for Crayon Shin-chan: Pursuit of the Balls of Darkness

    Shuyuryo's Mother (voice)

  • Poster for Business Commando Yamazaki

    Mother of Tomoko

  • Poster for Noiseman Sound Insect

    Kyoko (voice)

1995Aged 37

  • Poster for Super Atragon

    Saib (voice)

1994Aged 36

  • Poster for Ocean Waves

    Additional Voices (voice)

1993Aged 35

1992Aged 34

  • Poster for Spirit of Wonder: Miss China's Ring

    Joan (voice)

  • Poster for Seikima II - Humane Society

    Child (Voice)

  • Poster for Oishinbo: Ultimate vs. Supremacy

    Kinue Tabata (voice)

  • Poster for Chibi Maruko-chan: My Favorite Song

    Satoshi Sugiyama (voice)

1990Aged 32

  • Poster for Cyber City Oedo 808

    Kelley Takakura (voice)

  • Poster for Chibi Maruko-chan

    Satoshi Sugiyama (voice)