Ralph Michael

from Edmonton, London, England, UK

Artwork for Empire of the SunImage of Ralph Michael


Ralph Michael (26 September 1907 – 9 November 1994) was an English actor. He was born as Ralph Champion Shotter in London. His film appearances included Dead of Night, A Night to Remember, Children of the Damned, Grand Prix, The Assassination Bureau and Empire of the Sun.


2015Aged 108

  • Poster for Family Times

    Grandpa Cole

1991Aged 84

  • Poster for Selling Hitler

    Wilhelm Mohnke

1987Aged 80

  • Poster for Diary of a Mad Old Man


  • Poster for Empire of the Sun

    Mr. Partridge

1985Aged 78

  • Poster for Romance on the Orient Express


1979Aged 72

  • Poster for Henry IV Part 2

    Lord Chief Justice

1978Aged 71

  • Poster for Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet


1975Aged 68

  • Poster for The Count of Monte-Cristo

    M. Dantes

1969Aged 62

  • Poster for The Assassination Bureau


1968Aged 61

  • Poster for House of Cards

    Claude de Gonde

1967Aged 60

  • Poster for Deadlier Than the Male

    Board Member

1966Aged 59

  • Poster for Khartoum

    Sir Charles Dilke

  • Poster for Grand Prix

    Mr. Stoddard

1965Aged 58

  • Poster for The Heroes of Telemark


1964Aged 57

  • Poster for Children of the Damned

    Minister of Defense

  • Poster for Murder Most Foul

    Ralph Summers

  • Poster for A Jolly Bad Fellow

    Superintendent Rastleigh

1961Aged 54

  • Poster for The Court Martial of Major Keller

    Colonel Winch

1960Aged 53

1958Aged 51

  • Poster for A Night to Remember

    Mr. Yates

1957Aged 50

  • Poster for The Birthday Present

    Crowther (uncredited)

1956Aged 49

  • Poster for Blonde Bait

    Julian Lord

  • Poster for Women Without Men

    Julian Lord

1952Aged 45

  • Poster for The Sound Barrier


1950Aged 43

  • Poster for The Astonished Heart

    Philip Lucas

1949Aged 42

  • Poster for The Hasty Heart


1948Aged 41

  • Poster for Pygmalion

    Professor Henry Higgins

  • Poster for Emma

    George Knightly

  • Poster for A Song for Tomorrow

    Roger Stanton

  • Poster for Penny and the Pownall Case

    Michael Carson

1946Aged 39

  • Poster for The Captive Heart

    Capt. Thurston R.A.M.C.

1945Aged 38

  • Poster for Dead of Night

    Peter Cortland (Segment "The Haunted Mirror")

  • Poster for Johnny Frenchman

    Bob Tremayne

1944Aged 37

  • Poster for For Those in Peril


  • Poster for They Came to a City

    Sergeant Jimmy (uncredited)

1943Aged 36

1942Aged 35

  • Poster for Gert and Daisy Clean Up

    Jack Gregory

1940Aged 33

1938Aged 31

  • Poster for John Halifax

    Phineas Fletcher