Nancy Cartwright

66, from Dayton, Ohio, USA

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Nancy Campbell Cartwright (born October 25, 1957) is an American film and television actress, comedian and voice artist. She is best known for her long-running role as Bart Simpson on The Simpsons. Cartwright voices additional characters for the show.


2022Aged 65

  • Poster for When Billie Met Lisa

    Bart Simpson (voice)

  • Poster for Welcome to the Club

    Bart Simpson / Mickey Mouse (voice)

  • Poster for The Simpsons Meet the Bocellis in Feliz Navidad

    Bart Simpson / Mickey Mouse (voice)

2021Aged 64

  • Poster for The Good, the Bart, and the Loki

    Bart Simpson / Ralph Wiggum (voice)

  • Poster for The Simpsons - Balenciaga

    Bart Simpson (voice) (uncredited)

  • Poster for The Simpsons in Plusaversary

    Bart Simpson (voice)

2020Aged 63

  • Poster for Dear Class of 2020

    Bart Simpson

2019Aged 62

  • Poster for Kim Possible

    Rufus (voice)

2017Aged 60

  • Poster for In Search of Fellini


2016Aged 59

  • Poster for Planet of the Couches

    Bart Simpson / Ralph Wiggum (voice)

2015Aged 58

  • Poster for Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

    Self (archive footage)

  • Poster for TV's Funniest Animated Stars: A Paley Center for Media Special


2014Aged 57

  • Poster for I Know That Voice


2012Aged 55

  • Poster for FOX 25th Anniversary Special

    Bart Simpson (voice) (uncredited)

2008Aged 51

  • Poster for Fanboy

    Chum Chum (voice)

  • Poster for The Simpsons Ride


  • Poster for Struck


2007Aged 50

  • Poster for The Simpsons Movie

    Bart Simpson / Maggie Simpson / Ralph / Nelson / Todd Flanders / TV Daughter / Woman on Phone (voice)

2006Aged 49

2005Aged 48

  • Poster for Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama

    Rufus (voice)

  • Poster for Rugrats: Tales from the Crib: Snow White

    Chuckie (voice)

2004Aged 47

  • Poster for The Simpsons: Christmas 2


2003Aged 46

  • Poster for Rugrats Go Wild

    Chuckie Finster (voice)

  • Poster for The Simpsons: Christmas


  • Poster for The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror

    Bart Simpson / Nelson/ Todd Flanders / Ralph Wiggum (voice)

  • Poster for Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time

    Rufus (voice)

2002Aged 45

  • Poster for The Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa

    Todd (voice)

  • Poster for Rugrats: Babies in Toyland

    Chuckie Finster (voice)

2000Aged 43

  • Poster for The Red Shoes

    Pest (voice)

  • Poster for CyberWorld

    Bart Simpson (voice)

1999Aged 42

  • Poster for The Simpsons: Too Hot For TV


  • Poster for Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish

    Mindy (voice)

1998Aged 41

  • Poster for Godzilla

    Caiman's Secretary

  • Poster for The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story

    Skunk / Macaws / Additional Voices (voice)

  • Poster for The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock

    Dana (voice)

1997Aged 40

  • Poster for P.J. Funnybunny: A Very Cool Easter


1996Aged 39

  • Poster for Around the World With Timon & Pumbaa

    Pumbaa Jr. (Voice)

  • Poster for Vows of Deception


  • Poster for Suddenly


1993Aged 36

  • Poster for Aladdin

    Princess Layla

  • Poster for The Great O'Grady

    O'Grady's Secretary

  • Poster for Precious Victims

    Ruth Potter

  • Poster for Michael Jackson: Dangerous - The Short Films

    Lisa Simpson

  • Poster for P.J.'s Unfunnybunny Christmas


1992Aged 35

  • Poster for Petal to the Metal

    Fawn Deer (voice)

  • Poster for Goof Troop Christmas

    Pistol Pete (voice)

1989Aged 32

  • Poster for P.J. Funnybunny


  • Poster for Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

    Page (voice)

  • Poster for All Dogs Go to Heaven

    (voice) (uncredited)

  • Poster for The Little Mermaid

    Additional Voices (voice)

1988Aged 31

  • Poster for Pen Pals


  • Poster for Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw

    Bright Eyes

  • Poster for Going Undercover


  • Poster for Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    Dipped Shoe (voice) (uncredited)

  • Poster for The Canterville Ghost

    Ned Otis

1987Aged 30

  • Poster for The Chipmunk Adventure

    Arabian Prince (voice)

1986Aged 29

  • Poster for My Little Pony: The Movie

    Gusty (voice)

  • Poster for Christmas Every Day

    Little Girl (voice) (uncredited)

1985Aged 28

  • Poster for Not My Kid


  • Poster for Heaven Help Us

    Girl at Dance (uncredited)

  • Poster for The Return of Bunjee

    Karen Winsborrow (voice)

  • Poster for Flesh + Blood


1984Aged 27

  • Poster for The Amazing Bunjee Venture

    Karen (voice)

1983Aged 26

  • Poster for Deadly Lessons

    Libby Dean

  • Poster for Twilight Zone: The Movie


1982Aged 25

  • Poster for Marian Rose White

    Marian Rose White

  • Poster for The Rules of Marriage

    Jill Murray

1981Aged 24

  • Poster for Skokie


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