Michael Horse

72, from Los Angeles, California, USA

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2023Aged 72

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2021Aged 70

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2020Aged 69

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2018Aged 67

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2017Aged 66

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2014Aged 63

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    Deputy Tommy 'Hawk' Hill

2008Aged 57

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    Storm Cloud

2007Aged 56

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2002Aged 51

1999Aged 48

  • Poster for In the Blue Ground: A North of 60 Mystery

    Andrew One Sky

1998Aged 47

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    Colonel Ironwood

1996Aged 45

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1995Aged 44

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    Dirty Bob

1994Aged 43

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    Dennis Banks

1993Aged 42

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1992Aged 41

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1989Aged 38

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    Indian Joe

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    Deputy Tommy 'Hawk' Hill

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    Dandy Jim

1988Aged 37

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    Cherokee Bill

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    (Segment "The Cowboy and the Frenchman")

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    Broken Feather

1987Aged 36

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    Bobby Leaping Mouse

1986Aged 35

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    Pool Attendant

1982Aged 31

1981Aged 30

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Year unknown

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    Andy Bones