Alexander Scheer

48, from Berlin, Germany

Artwork for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No TalesImage of Alexander Scheer


Alexander Scheer is a German actor and musician. He has won several national awards for his performances in film and theater, including one German Film Award for "Best Actor in a Leading Role" and one Bavarian Film Award for "Best Actor", both in the year 2019.


2024Aged 48

  • Poster for From Hilde with Love

    Harald Pölchau

2023Aged 47

  • Poster for In the Grip of Gazprom

    Self - Narrator (voice)

  • Poster for Blood & Gold

    von Starnfeld

  • Poster for Geschlechterkampf – Das Ende des Patriarchats


2022Aged 46

  • Poster for Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush

    Bernhard Docke

  • Poster for A Stasi Comedy


  • Poster for Das Wunder von Kapstadt

    Dr. Christiaan Barnard

2021Aged 45

  • Poster for Blood Red Sky


2020Aged 44

  • Poster for Enfant Terrible

    Andy Warhol

2019Aged 43

  • Poster for The Aftermath

    Siegfried Leitmann

  • Poster for Blochin: Das letzte Kapitel

    Kyrill Koroljow

  • Poster for The Spy

    Josef Terboven

  • Poster for Die Verwandlung


2018Aged 42

  • Poster for Partisan


  • Poster for Gundermann

    Gerhard Gundermann

  • Poster for Wach

    Man In Porn Theater

  • Poster for DJ Punk: The Photographer Daniel Josefsohn

    Self - Actor

2017Aged 41

  • Poster for Schnitzel geht immer

    Klaus Ullmann

  • Poster for The Young Karl Marx

    Wilhelm Weitling

  • Poster for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

    Young Captain Teague

2016Aged 40

  • Poster for Shakespeares letzte Runde

    Will Shakespeare

  • Poster for Scrappin'

    Rambo Weiler

  • Poster for Lou Andreas-Salomé, The Audacity to be Free

    Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Poster for Goodbye Berlin


  • Poster for Der mit dem Schlag


2015Aged 39

  • Poster for Punk Berlin 1982

    Blixa Bargeld

  • Poster for The Nightmare


2014Aged 38

  • Poster for Fiddlesticks


2013Aged 37

2012Aged 36

  • Poster for Eine Hand wäscht die Andere

    Jakob Kronibus

  • Poster for Schief gewickelt


2011Aged 35

  • Poster for When Santa Fell to Earth

    Niklas Julebukk

2010Aged 34

  • Poster for Eleven Uncle

    Englischer Freund

  • Poster for Mörder kennen keine Grenzen

    Siggi Brunner

  • Poster for Carlos

    Johannes Weinrich

  • Poster for At Ellen’s Age


  • Poster for Three


2009Aged 33

  • Poster for 12 Paces without a Head

    Hermann Lange

2008Aged 32

2007Aged 31

  • Poster for Eight Miles High

    Keith Richards

  • Poster for Mrs. Ratcliffe's Revolution


2006Aged 30

2003Aged 27

  • Poster for Hamlet_X

    Hamlet 3

2002Aged 26

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2001Aged 25

  • Poster for Advertising Rules!

    Victor Vogel

  • Poster for J'ai tué Clémence Acéra


1999Aged 23

  • Poster for Sun Alley


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