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2017 1 hour 32 minutes

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Director of detention, director Nowacki (Janusz Gajos) finds Sergeant Zawada, who is hiding from the world (Robert Więckiewicz). An experienced officer returns to the game and gets a new task - he becomes the commander of the convoy, who is to transport a very dangerous prisoner to a psychiatric hospital. Members of his team are people with a complicated past. Among them is also Feliks (Tomasz Ziętek), full of ideals, privately the husband of Nowacki's daughter (Agnieszka Żulewska), who should never have found himself in a prisoner. The prison director, having lost control of the convoy, chases to repair, and may hide the uncomfortable truth for him. The real purpose of the convoy is slowly coming to light. Conflicts arise between men and tension increases, with unexpected twists every minute. From now on, justice can be done on its own.


13th January 2017

7 years ago


1 hour 32 minutes

Finishes at 12:23pm

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Artwork for Convoy

Directed by

Maciej Żak

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Written by

Maciej Żak

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Artwork for Convoy