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Take It Easy

1974 1 hour 29 minutes

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The main characters are the same two quarreling peasant families introduced in "Sami swoi" (Our Folks). The action of the film starts 18 years later. The old quarrels have been forgotten, but new problems keep popping up. They have no successors to inherit the farms. They invent a tricky and clever plan. The young granddaughter is to take over both of the farms after her marriage. Both Kargul and Pawlak have no rest until they carry out the plan. In the end, after numerous adventures and obstacles their cunning intrigue is fulfilled - the young marry and the land remains in the family's hands.


28th May 1974

50 years ago


1 hour 29 minutes

Finishes at 11:12am

Ratings and awards

1 win

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Artwork for Take It Easy

Directed by

Sylwester Chęciński

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Written by

Andrzej Mularczyk

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Artwork for Take It Easy