Squadron Leader X

Gestapo terror roams London, itself!

1943 1 hour 39 minutes

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Equipped with an RAF uniform, an English accent, a photograph of his "wife" and a packet of Players (cigarettes), a German agent is parachuted into occupied Belgium to create anti-British propaganda. Unfortunately for him he chooses a night when the Belgian resistance are smuggling the crew of a British bomber home across the channel. Before he knows it he is landing on the south coast of England. With MI5 hot on his trail, the fugitive tries to contact his old German émigré friends in London. But they have all been interned on the Isle of Man. How will he escape back to Germany ?


1st March 1943

81 years ago


1 hour 39 minutes

Finishes at 2:57pm

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Directed by

Lance Comfort

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Written by

Miles Malleson, Emeric Pressburger, Wolfgang Wilhelm

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