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Royal Cavalcade

1935 1 hour 41 minutes

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Made in commemoration and celebration of the Jubilee of King George V, this is the story of the first twenty-five years of his reign, told through the many travels of a penny that was minted in the year of his accession: 1910. Through a series of individual stories, Royal Cavalcade covers a period of striking change in every area of life – from the suffragette movement to the trenches of World War One, the effects of the Depression to single events such as the first ever Royal Command Performance, featuring Anna Pavlova and George Robey.


15th April 1935

89 years ago


1 hour 41 minutes

Finishes at 2:21pm

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Directed by

Walter Summers, Thomas Bentley, Marcel Varnel, Herbert Brenon, Norman Lee, W.P. Kellino

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Written by

Val Gielgud, Eric Maschwitz, Marjorie Deans

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