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The Feminine Touch

The public and private lives of 5 girls, who start out as student nurses in the National Health service during the 1950's.

1956 1 hour 31 minutes

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Following a group of five very different student nurses during their first year of training at an NHS hospital in London called St. Augustine’s Hospital (filmed at Guy's Hospital), where they live in a dormitory. Susan (Belinda Lee) is reliable and sensible; Pat (Delphi Lawrence) is flighty and open; Maureen (Adrienne Corri) is Irish and loud; Ann (Henryetta Edwards) is a typical public school girl; and Liz (Barbara Archer) comes from a typical working class background. As they get to know each other, they bond in spite of their differences.


19th June 1956

67 years ago


1 hour 31 minutes

Finishes at 2:53pm

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Artwork for The Feminine Touch

Directed by

Pat Jackson

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