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Up to 5 times more detail than standard TV
Most films broadcast in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound

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High Definition

What is HD? HD vs Standard TV How to get HD Compare HD Services
Not completely sure what all this HD stuff is? Allow us to explain.

HD (short for High Definition) is the latest improvement to hit your television set. The first major improvement to come to our screens was colour back in 1967, followed by the adoption of Widescreen. Now it's the turn of High Definition.

Firstly, it is important to point out that even if you have a 'HD Ready' TV, you will not be receiving an HD signal unless you are specifically connected to an HD source. For more information checkout our guide on how to get HD.

Most TV channels these days broadcast in Standard Definition or SD for short. Whilst this was great 10 years ago, time moves on and people's TV screens get bigger. Suddenly we find ourselves in a situation where the picture starts to become blurry and blocky.

HD solves this problem by giving you a picture that can be up to 5 times better than the standard image you might be used to getting. With HD you not only get a beautifully sharp picture, you also get HD quality sound on many films, finally putting your surround sound system to use.

To view more on the difference between HD and SD and why it's better, view our HD vs SD guide.