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 Films on TV this Christmas - Christmas 2011

Posted 28th November 2011 | By Richard | In Category Site News

Hello again everyone, it’s that time of year again!


If you’re looking to find out what films are showing on TV throughout December on both Freeview and Sky then you’ll be pleased to hear that the website has just been updated with film listings going all the way up to December 31st. Head on over to the home page now to start browsing!


Please do keep in mind that because it is so early, it is always possible that a TV channel might change the time a particular film is showing, or indeed the film itself. Whilst it is rare it can happen, so please do check back closer to the film being shown. We’ll do our best to make sure that any changes they make are updated as soon as possible.


Also, there are still a couple of TV channels that we don’t yet have film listings for, but we do expect to have them from the start of December.