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 Some stuff has gone, but you probably won't notice

Posted 2nd August 2011 | By Richard | In Category Site News
After sitting down this evening to look at the filmflow.tv stats (something I haven't done in a while... I should probably do that more often) I noticed something a little interesting.

Out of all the users that visit filmflow.tv, a massive 2% of you visit the DVD section and an even bigger 0.8% of you visit the cinema section. Apologies if you didn't quite realise I was being a little sarcastic there.

When filmflow.tv started, there were potentially two people that could run the website. Now, there is only me, and I now have a completely separate full time job to deal with as well.

Updating filmflow.tv doesn't actually take too long. The majority of it is automated (which is why there might sometimes be slight mistakes - sorry about that) but what isn't automated is the DVD and Cinema sections. Updating those sections probably take about 80% of the total amount of time I dedicate to keeping this website going, for less than 3% of the total traffic.

So you have probably realised by now that what I'm ultimately saying is that the DVD and Cinema section will no longer be running. One day, if filmflow suddenly becomes well known and popular then I'll probably bring it back, but until then filmflow will now be a TV only website.

So until next time, happy film watching!