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 New Feature: Hide unwanted films

Posted 28th January 2011 | By Richard | In Category Site News
As you might have noticed, there's quite a lot of films showing on TV everyday. Although a lot of these are great films, not every one is going to be to your taste.

To make the FilmFlow experience even better, we've now introduced a feature to stash away all the films you know you'll never want to watch. And like most things on FilmFlow, it's just one click away. Here's how it works:

To hide a film, move your mouse cursor to the top right of any film on the FilmFlow home page. You should see a "X" appear as you mouse moves to that area. Simply click the "X" and the film will fade away.

The next time this film appears on TV, it'll be almost be completely transparent and at the end of all the other film listings.

If you change your mind, simply move your mouse again to the top right hand corner of the movie, and click the "Unhide this film" button.

We hope you all find this feature useful. Remember to stay tuned to our blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts because there's still lots more to come!