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 The day after the weekend before

Posted 20th December 2010 | By Richard | In Category Site News
Well it’s been quite an interesting weekend! We are pleased to say our little website has been shown on the BBC’s technology program ‘Click’ – and it’s brought quite a few new users along with it, so welcome to you all :)

Firstly if anyone experienced any issues browsing the website at the weekend we do apologise. We obviously try to make the website as quick and as available as possible, but our poor servers just weren’t prepared for thousands of people all trying to access the website everytime the website was on TV. Hopefully any downtime didn’t last too long.

Secondly, it’s great that so many of you have been emailing in with your suggestions to make FilmFlow.tv even better! We’ll look at every one and try our best to improve the website based on these comments as soon as we can. Some have actually already been implemented into the website already.

One comment that has been popping its head up quite often is the fact that we only allow Facebook logins. We knew that some people would find this disappointing and in a way we find it quite humbling that so many of you have contacted us about it. You obviously like the website so much that you are frustrated enough to contact us about it and this is great – all feedback is good feedback! Please be aware we are listening, and it has always been our plan to introduce further methods of signing in next year via Twitter and OpenID. Our intention is certainly not to single out only Facebook users, we simply wanted to allow the most amount of people to be able to log in from launch.

We also have loads of other ideas that we believe will make FilmFlow.tv even better, from simple things like email notifications, all the way up to watching movies on demand. Hopefully you’ll all join us along the way :)

Remember you can keep track of all our developments by following us on Twitter, on Facebook, or by subscribing to the RSS feed of this blog.

But until next time, we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a very happy film viewing New Year.